Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy, can be confused with Occupational Health and Safety or Environmental Consultancy sectors. The difference of Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy from other similar sectors; The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure provides the whole of the activities of companies operating with Dangerous Goods, the adequacy of the vehicles (buyer, unloader, loader, shipper, package, filling, transporter, tank-tank container operator), the permits to be obtained, if any, and many similar transactions. It is a consultancy carried out by TMGD consultancy firms that have the authority and awareness of the standards it determines

“Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy Communiqué” and “Regulation on the Authorization of Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy Organizations”, the calendar year net 50 (fifty) tons and above material receiving, unloading, loading, sending, filling, transportation, tank-container / transportation, tank operator All companies with a carrying capacity of more than 50 tons and carrying out the transportation of Dangerous Goods can benefit from the Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy Agency services authorized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. 2263.06 SSI Law “TMGD” with Turkey or full-time. It is mandatory to employ a Material Safety Advisor.

For companies dealing with Class 1, Class 6.2 and Class 7 hazardous substances, it is obligatory to obtain a Dangerous Goods Activity Certificate without questioning the amount of the substance. If there are substances with zero (0) Waste or Hazardous Substances that are operated in the event that they do not exceed the limit of 50 tons, it is compulsory to have a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor without questioning the amount.

Except for companies dealing with Class 1, Class 6.2 and Class 7 transport category 0 (zero) substances, companies that do not exceed the limit of 50 (fifty) tons are again T.C. They must have an “EXEMPTION” study, which will be valid for 1 year within the first 2 months of each year, by being inspected by the Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy Institutions authorized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and they must apply to the regional directorate with the necessary documents and obtain an exemption certificate.

Our company within the scope of this obligation T.C. As the authorized institution of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it provides this service to you.

General Awareness and Awareness Training ;

All the employees who want to raise awareness, especially the hazardous material addressees, can participate in this training. ADR History, Turkey’s ADR history, all legislation and parties, the responsibility of the parties, hazardous materials classes, hazardous material packaging, production standards and labeling systems, packaging and tanker loading and unloading operations, steps to take immediate leak-loss, fitness carrying dangerous goods Awareness is created by transferring general information such as determining the vehicles and defining the required documents.

Task Specific, Safety and Chemical Training ;

Security personnel who actively take part in the steps of purchasing, unloading, loading-shipping, packaging, filling and storage of dangerous goods and who will perform the first control at the entrance of dangerous goods to the company must participate in this training.

The identification of chemical substances, the important points of the regulations on dangerous chemicals, the negative effects that hazardous substances may have on people and the first aid methods to be applied in these cases, Chemical storage rules, the definition of hazardous wastes, the importance of storage and disposal, and the importance of the use of personal protective equipment, Both employee and company health are assured.

*Documentation Studies

It provides system folder formation by preparing the procedures, instructions and checklists related to the ADR obligations regarding the dangerous substances that the enterprises participate in and the rules that must be followed in the transportation, packaging, loading and unloading of these substances, and preparing the annual activity reports required by the legislation to the system prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. We make their entries.

*Field Inspections and Exercises

In addition to routine field visits, we carry out pictorial field reports and preparations for inspections, and hazardous material spill drills in enterprises participating with hazardous materials. It makes recommendations to eliminate risks that may endanger human and environmental health, to implement regulations in accordance with the legislation and to reduce the risk of accidents that may occur in operations, and its processes are actively followed.

*Process Follow-up of Legislation and Ministry Documents

We follow the changes and updates made in the national and international legislation regarding the transportation of dangerous goods, we provide guidance and information on the subjects of the ADR, which is updated every two years, and the national legislation, which is updated regularly, concerning the business. In addition, we monitor the durations of all documents received from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and we prevent possible setbacks with a time reminder.

*Label, Plate, Orange Plate Supply

We supply danger labels, hazard warning signs and orange plate for vehicles, for packages that must be used in the transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with ADR and national legislation on demand.

*Equipment Supply

Upon request, we provide certified general and personal protective equipment and fire extinguishers in accordance with ADR requirements, which are required in vehicles carrying dangerous goods.

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