TMGD Mühendislik
  • TMGD TR, Turkey's first and largest provider was founded by TMGD TR Hazardous Materials Safety Consulting Engineering Co.Ltd. in 2015 by.
  • TMGD TR has been working with over 300 customers for more than 3 years. It has been working with the biggest 50 customers for an average of 4 years and the biggest 10 customers for an average of 2.5 years. Satisfaction level never falls below 100% from quality controls.
  • TMGD TR TMGD TR always maintains the quality of its services and processes with its quality certificates (Click to the quality certificates of TMGD TR.)
  • TMGD TR attaches great importance to employee training.
  • TMGD TR With its expert DGR Staff, TMGD TR provides you free consultancy not only in your dangerous goods purchases or production, but also in your dangerous goods shipments. (Air-Land-Sea Transportation / Shipments)
  • TMGD TR is able to offer reasonable prices and different alternatives for your Air Shipments with its IATA authorization, and for your Sea-Land shipments with its TIO authorization.
  • Thanks to the cooperation of TMGD TR with Airlines, it offers easy bargaining opportunities for special situations and your tonnage loads. Your louds with high capacity.
  • TMGD TR offers a clear and uninterrupted flow of information for customer needs.

Policies and Sustainability

TMGD Mühendislik Kalite Politikası

Quality policy

With believing that quality is customer satisfaction, TMGD TR Management aims to achieve a superior quality level with low cost by aiming to make service production error-free and has adopted the Excellence Approach.

TMGD Danışmanlık cevresel surdurebilirlik

Environmental Sustainability

As TMGD TR, we manage our environmental impacts in the fields of energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and waste management. When choosing energy sources, we try to prefer renewable sources.

TMGD Mühendislik İş Sağlığı Politikası

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

TMGD TR determines strategies and targets for OHS by regularly reviewing the sources of danger of Dangerous Goods consultancy services, continuously improving OHS performance in line with its goals and objectives, and evaluating risks.

TMGD Mühendislik ekonomik surdurulebilirlik

Economic Sustainability

We have determined the elements of our economic sustainability as operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. As TMGD TR, we aim to reduce our costs by ensuring the optimum use of all our resources with operational efficiency.

TMGD Danışmanlık Çevre Politikası

Environmental policy

TMGD TR; In line with its strategic direction, objectives and targets, it has aimed to maintain its environmental performance and Environmental Management System by continuously improving it, to prevent environmental pollution by using environmentally friendly technologies and to support the protection of the environment.

TMGD Mühendislik

Social Sustainability

Our contributions to society, the satisfaction of our employees, and their health and safety are at the heart of our social sustainability. As TMGD TR, we direct our social investments to projects that will increase employment in our sector.